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Join a group and participate in the "Humoungous, Outstanding, Mindblowing Introduction for Exchange Students"! These HOMIE-Groups for short are the guarantee for kicking off the best time of your life! You'll be assigned to a group of internationals lead by local students to make friends, get to know your fellow students and experienced Germans in a fun environment with loads of activities. Check out the full schedule here!

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A main issue internationals face is: "How do I meet ze true Sauerkraut-eatin' Currywurst-lovin' Lederhosn-wearin' Germans?". Guess what, we got the answer. It's a pleasure for us to introduce you to our Humongous, Outstanding, Mindblowing Initiation for Exchange student Groups (HOMIE Groups). You will be assigned to a group of fellow internationals and 2-3 locals, your new “HOMIES”, who will show you around, help you get settled and make sure that your first few days in Aachen will be the best time of your life. Just fill in the form below!

Erasmus Program